Amai du Bourgeonet

BREED: Selle francais

SEX: Gelding

At only 6 years old, Amai du Bourgeonet has a mind of a 12 year-old seasoned, experienced show jumper mount. The grey gelding always tries to win, using his natural scope and carefulness to clear the track. Amai du Bourgeonet has already started his competitive season with Wyndmont pinning in the 6-year old classes during the Winter Equestrian Festival and Ocala Winter Classic with Australia’s Matt Williams. He recently produced top finishes at HITS on the Hudson, Lake Placid and the Showplace End of Summer.

Ronnie Beard: "Amai is a talented up-and-coming 7-year-old. He is still green, but easy and uncomplicated. Truthfully, he's our best young prospect ever!"


HITS Coachella Desert Circuit III

6th – $10,000 1.35m Electronic Vet Jumper

Equus Tryon Fall IV CSI3* (2017)

6th - 1.30m Open Jumper

Showplace End of Summer I (2017)

3rd - $1,500 1.40m Jumper

Lake Placid (2017)

3rd – 7-year-olds

HITS on the Hudson III (2017)

2nd - $1,000 1.30m Jumper

HITS on the Hudson II (2017)

1st – YJC 7-Year-Olds 1.30m Championship

1st - $250 YJC 7-Year-Olds

2nd - $250 YJC 6 & 7-Year-Olds

3rd - $250 6 & 7-Year-Olds 1.20m

WEF I (2017)

1st - $200 7 YO Developing Jumper (1.30m)

2nd – 7 YO Jumper Championship

Equestrian Sport Productions Holiday Circuit Finale (2017)

1st – Level 5 Jumper (1.25m)

2nd – Level 5 Jumper (1.25m)

HITS-On-The-Hudson (2016)

1st – 1.20m YJC 6-year-old

Tryon Summer I (2016)

2nd – 1.25m 6-year-old Jumper

3rd – 1.25m 6-year-old Jumper

3rd – $500 YJC 6 Yr Old1.25m

Tryon Summer II (2016)

2nd – $500 YJC 6 Yr Old 1.25m

4th – 1.25m 6-year-old Jumper