Wyndmont, Inc. Rounds Out a Successful Summer in Tryon

Tryon, NC - July 19, 2016 - For Matt Williams, Nicole Loochtan and the entire Wyndmont, Inc. team, the 2016 Tryon Summer Show Series has come to a successful end. After a victorious three weeks of competition, the team has much to look forward to in the upcoming weeks.
With time to prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games coming to a close, Williams and Valinski S ended their training for the world stage on a high note. The duo had a clear round and clocked in a time of 38.254 seconds to finish third in the $216,000 Tryon Summer 3 Grand Prix CSI4* on Saturday.
The top-three finish was their second of the show series, as they rode away with second-place honors in the $130,000 Tryon Summer 1 Adequan Grand Prix CSI3* during the first week of competition.

"We went to Tryon, because it was the best atmosphere in the country to compete in before the Olympics," Williams said. "Valinski jumped in two grand prix events and performed great, earning second and third. I think our plan worked well."
The 14-year-old Dutch Warmblood is currently making the trek to New Jersey, where he will wait to board his August 3rd flight to Brazil. The pair will be reunited before the opening ceremony takes place August 5th.
"I was really happy with the way he performed at Tryon," Williams added. "We're just going to continue working on fitness, now and make sure that we're as fit as can be going into the Games. There is a lot of traveling, so our main goal is to have him 110 percent fit and to be able to last the whole time we're there."
On Sunday, Loochtan and Carla de Kalvarie Z rode a clear round in 41.871 seconds to secure a second-place finish in the $10,000 Junior Amateur-Owner Jumper Classic. The aspiring professional and her powerful mare were only 1-of-4 to make it to a jump-off, and 1-of-2 to have a clear round in the jump-off out of 22 competitors.
"Tryon was a really good learning experience," Loochtan said. "Being in one place for the whole month and really getting to know my new horse allowed us to grow. We were able to work on things in one location and not have to worry about moving around to different places."

This was the second red ribbon for the Lincolshire, Ill. native and her 11-year-old mount, earning a second-place finish in the $10,000 Junior Amateur-Owner Classic during Tryon Summer 1, as well.
"Carla de Kalvarie Z gets a break and then comes back for the U25 classes, which I'm really excited about," Loochtan concluded. "She's been great in the High Amateurs, and she's ready to step it up. I'm looking forward to the competitive atmosphere of the class. I really want to start competing with the best of them."
While Ronnie Beard travels to Rio with Williams and Valinski S, Michael Dorman will remain stateside to continue working with the team's young horses and training clients. It is with his extensive equestrian knowledge and experience that he keeps the Wyndmont team momentum moving forward, collectively.
Founded by Beard with Dorman, Wyndmont Inc. provides classical horsemanship to annual and seasonal equestrian clientele. For more information, visit Wyndmont.com or find them on Facebook